Yoga Home

— Nathalie COLAVITTI

My journey began in 2006. This first experience intrigued me and I started to practice Iyengar with Françoise Dradin in Sterpenich. This allowed me to better understand the alignment of the body and the importance of precision in each asana. Moreover, Françoise is a passionate person who does not limit herself to the practice of postures, with her I learned to practice purification techniques from Ayurveda. Techniques that may seem a bit barbaric at first glance but which in the end prove to be extremely effective against problems of digestion, sleep or stress.

In 2012, I felt the need to pick up the pace. I came across an article about the opening of a new yoga studio with Isabelle Thill.

I discovered yoga flow and from the first class I decided to go deeper into this sequence.

In 2016, I follow the Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Denise Pesch while participating in various workshops guided by teachers like Maria Boox, Mark Darby, Danny Paradise, Gregor Maehle or Doug Keller. Each of them gave me a personal and necessarily different vision of yoga.

This is one of the many riches of yoga, it is different for each of us. By learning certain techniques, we can create our own sequence, the one that is most adapted to our body. At each stage of our lives, our yoga changes, it adapts to our mood, to what we are capable of today and now.

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